365 days with a harmonica 2019/20

Oana Paula Vainer

  • 2020
  • Audio Kassette
  • 10,16×6,35×1,27 cm
  • Edition of 10
  • € 100,00 each

This is a 365 days project.
Since May 2014 I collect and administrate my receipts, sales slips and similar things. I changed the amount of money reported on these pieces of evidence into a piece of music.
Using a Puck harmonica I play the amount of money as notes.
Under strict supervision of my financial expenditures, I try to limit my consumerism. The practices of consumption manifests consciously now.
The release of happy hormones when shopping will now be suppressed.
Regular notation for harmonica is represented with numbers that appear below each note and indicates which number hole to play.