Including this original print:

Punk House (Book)

Abby Banks

  • Published by Abrams Inc 2007
  • Hardcover photo book, full color, 272 pages, unsigned, second hand copy in good condition with some slight wear
  • 22x3x28,5 cm, 272 pages
  • Including one original print from the Special Edition for the Level 5 Salon Sale (see details below)
  • € 90,00

‘Punk House’ photo documentary across America by photographer Abby Banks. Forward written by Thurston Moore, founding member of Sonic Youth. Portraits of the people and amazing spaces in co-ops, punk houses, punk farms, squats, treehouses, feminist collectives, long term and temporary autonomous zones. Bedrooms, kitchens, and basements that double as show spaces. Record collections, silk screen studios, creative bedroom lofting, and lively community chore wheels. Catching the inside jokes, passions and colorful daily life. Abby traveled for many months meeting & photographing this extensive community all the while living in her truck and crashing on the couches and floors of the homes she visited. What we find in this project is beautiful, artistic, romantic, and full of passionate bright people.

Punk House (Prints)

Abby Banks

  • 2020
  • Printed on archival professional quality paper, with archival inks
  • 19×25,5 cm
  • Edition of 5 (of which one is included in the book – see above)
  • € 70,00 each