Welcome to the Salon Sale of Level Five! Here you can buy works online, supporting not only the artists of our studio, but also the non-profit cooperative of Level Five which will receive half of the income. With your support, you enable us to pay a small compensation to those who work continuously to maintain our collective infrastructure. If you would like more info or to see the works in “real”, please don’t hesitate to contact us or any of the artists. We are happy to arrange visits once the current situation allows it. If you don’t feel like buying an artwork, but still want to support us, you can also make a donation.

Lectern with flowers

Batsheva Ross


Christiane Blattmann

Magnum Spatula

David Bernstein

Unnamed Figure

Ištvan Išt Huzjan

o. T.

Olaf Winkler


Stefanie Salzmann

Your face here

Veerle Melis

Dirk Reimes Signature Series

Dirk Reimes

Empowe-ring- / Figure 2

Adeline Faveau


Amber Vanluffelen


Bas Van Den Hout

Untitled (Barry)

Boris Steiner

Poetry Collection (transtexting)

Chloe Chignell

Atmospheric Render (green)

Dries Segers

Grey Car

Emile Rubino


Emma van der Put

From Tiny Things, Pretty Far Away #1

Evelien Cammaert


Kevin Gallagher

Cheese Mold

Markus von Platen

Peinée l’eau peut

Maud Gourdon


Meggy Rustamova

365 days with a harmonica 2019/20

Oana Paula Vainer

no title

Pieter Geenen

We eat Silence (IV-a)

Ralph Schuster


Raquel Vermunt

A headless girl

Sandra Lakicevic

Système Chaotique

Sophia Holst

Bath time

Sophie Varin

The Ghost

Aleksandra Chaushova


Sirah Foighel Brutmann and Eitan Efrat

An Inventory of Experience

Laura Muyldermans

Skin Talk i

Bianca Baldi

An evening of entertainment with Drama More

Anouchka Oler

Punk House

Abby Banks

no title

Izabela Czarna

Object HLLLL as a fake painting representing a background for laser scanning

Marco Lampis

The Great Unconformity

Philip Janssens


Chloé Malcotti


Felix Rapp

Nergal gals, won’t you come out tonight (The Palace chatroom) I

Natasja Mabesoone

Soapstone (Tehran)

Lola Daels

Object from the hands (Bananapple)

Hadrien Gerenton


Karolien Chromiak