Soapstone (Tehran)

Lola Daels

  • 2020
  • Soap
  • 9×6 cm
  • 4 stones are on sale
  • € 90,00 each

By reproducing found objects with different techniques and materials I ended up building new relationships between the object and a context, or rediscovering latent relations between the objects and its original, often political context. Soapstone is a project based on a stone from the Alborz Mountains which I bought from a man in Teheran, a city where conflict of ideologies and geopolitical crisis are inherent to the daily reality. Without being a necessity, the stones apparently had great value for the Iranians. In the last years I also used to collect little soap bars from hotels I visited. The Soapstones are reproductions of the Iranian stone in soap. The sculptures are soft and highly responding to condition changes, far different from the mother mineral stone. Its shape remains the one from a rock with sharp edges, shaped without any human intervention. Each stone is sold individually, randomly picked. In total, 4 stones are for sale.